42,690 human will die from breast cancer this year!

42,170 mother, wife, sister, daughter

520 father, husband, brother, son

Yes, Breast cancer kills in 5-10 years!

Analyzing Breast Histopathology

Images using Deep Learning Machine Intelligence as a diagnostic assistant tool for Breast Cancer diagnosis

ABC Diagnosis changes the way breast cancer is detected .

ABC Diagnosis has developed computer-aided breast cancer diagnostic assistant tool using AI-driven digital histopathology images analysis to

reduce human error and to increase accuracy of breast cancer diagnosis.

Our product uses Artificial Intelligence (AI-Deep Learning) approach for automatic detection of carcinoma tissue in whole slide images- histopathology

images (WSI) of breast tissues. It assists the pathologists and diagnostic labs for accurate breast cancer diagnosis and acts as a handy tool for breast cancer researchers and for conducting new medications clinical trials by pharmaceutical companies.

It has been developed under supervision of medical domain experts and by a team of software developers. Our product development methodology is

iterative and the product is under continuos scrutiny by experts to comply with necessary enhancement.


your Facility

Equip your facility with ABC diagnosis assistant tool

Receive accurate

Receive an accurate and fast report 


Start treatment with confidence

Our technology will promote your facility and business

ABC Diagnosis is aiming to help your facility


Our non-invasive technology is a diagnostic assistant tool for pathologists that can be used widely and safely.


We have worked tirelessly to train , test , and tune our deep learning neural network with more datasets to enhance our deep learning model accuracy , precision and recall.


Leveraging Cloud-base infrastructure and our advanced methodology , the breast Cancer diagnosis with our product is reasonably fast.

Get your facility equipped with ABC Diagnosis



Diagnostic Labs


Breast Cancer Research Centers

Pharmaceutical Companies

Technology and Innovation

ABC Diagnosis is Smart, Innovative and Friendly!


To enhance the accuracy of our database, we use pre-processing on our database.

Deep Learning Algorithms

Our platform is smart. We are training it with a big and accurate database. Our team is working on minimizing error in diagnosis area.

Neural Networks

Using our neural network approach the results are calculated and labaled and ready for specialist’s use.

ABC Diagnosis is user Friendly

Follow these steps and use our platform at your facility

1.Upload breast tissue digital slide Image to our cloud infrastructure

2.Getastandardizedbreastpathologyreportleveraginghybridhumanand machine intelligence

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